December 2013

Hello all club members. Best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year.

Annual General Meeting

On the 11th of December we held our Annual General Meeting. Dave Chinery was re-elected as our Chairman for next year and the other members of the committee was re-elected en bloc except for Peter Tolhurst who unfortunately could not carry on as Competition Secretary next year. John Merry has agreed to be our new Competition Secretary and was elected to the position at the meeting. Thank you Peter for all the work you did and welcome to John.  

A list of all committee members for 2014 is detailed below: -

Chairman - Dave Chinery.          Competition Secretary - John Merry.
Secretary - Mick Reed.               Training Officer - Rob Sheldrake.
Treasurer - Robert Mahoney.     Safety Adviser - Les Smith.
BMFA Rep - Robert Mahoney.    Equipment Officer - Wally Saunders.
Webmaster - Robert Mahoney.    

Wednesday Evening Church Hall Meetings
Tonight is our last Wednesday Evening meeting for this year. We will recommence our evening meetings at the Church Hall on Wednesday 8th January 2014. If you have not yet attended any of our evening meetings, come along to see the types of models we fly and have a go flying our club training helicopter.

Annual Dinner and Prize Giving.
We aim to hold our Annual Dinner and Prize Giving on Saturday 25th January 2014 at the Ugly Duckling Denham. Oxford Road. Uxbridge. UB9 4LJ. The Ugly Duckling is a Toby Carvery and is very good value for money. It is situated on the left hand side of the A40 near Tatling End. Please keep this date in your diary as we are waiting for the carvery to start taking bookings for next year.

Tail Feathers
2013 has seen a very good relationship with the Friends of Cranford Park. We have supported some of their events at the park and they are very supportive of our use of the park. We also have a positive relationship with the Park Rangers.

During the last year Hillingdon Council have been compiling a new management plan for the park. This has now been published and is very positive about our use of the park for model flying. Many thanks to Dave Chinery and Robert Mahoney for negotiating with the council on our behalf.

It has taken a lot of effort to obtain the above results so all club members need to keep an
eye open for non-members flying at the park and try to ensure they follow our safe flying standards, especially if they are using our facilities.

Regards to all. Safe Flying.    Mick.
Below is the Competition Report Published by Peter Tolhurst


Six entrants and six events, what an excellent achievement!  Rather than try and normalise the scoring by translating each result into percentages, I’ve used the points scored on the day. Thus more rounds flown results in more points, which I felt was appropriate. Our chairman came top again, flying in four events, as did Les, and here is the final table:

  1. Dave Chinery

198 points

  1. Les Smith

138 points

  1. John Merry

101 points

  1. Dennis Hughes

86 points

  1. Darron Rodrigues

84 points

  1. Dennis Hughes

39 points


Paper Plane

Sadly, this year there were no ladies and no juniors participating, so it was down to the strong arms of the men, although perhaps technique is more important given that some flights of around two seconds were by the younger members of the club. For those with a wish to win, there are some books available with duration designs for A4 paper planes – next year perhaps? Anyway, here are the results, with Tom coming out on top:

  1. Tom

18.8 secs

  1. Les

11.46 secs

  1. Dave C

  9.68 secs

  1. Dave J

  7.3 secs

  1. Rob

  6.3 secs

  1. Mick

  5.63 secs

  1. John W

  4.13 secs


Longest Flight

Sadly, no one has provided me with an authenticated long flight this year. Let’s be ‘aving you for 2014, as I can’t believe that there weren’t any notable duration flights made!

Indoor Frolics

You will no doubt recall the low-key ‘fun’ competitions I’ve run over the past couple of years. If anyone is interested, I’d be happy to organise another for a Wednesday evening early next year, and my initial thoughts were for a ‘walk along glider’ duration comp. I’ll even provide some models if I can get them flying properly!! Let me know what you think after the AGM.

Finally, it’s time for me to say goodbye. Having looked after the admin side of competitions for the past five years, I’ve decided to stand down and let someone else have a go for 2014 onwards. Many thanks to all those who have taken part in the competitions, and overlooked my occasional errors & omissions. I look forward to seeing you at club nights or on the field in the future.

Peter Tolhurst
4th December 2013



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