This is a Hayes club specific competition for electric-powered gliders.  This is currently a comp for 2mtr models, but some degree of flexibility is in place.

Basic Rules

All models must be equipped with a height limiter, set to 121mtr or 400ft and 30 seconds run-time. Height limiters are available from www.eSoaringgadgets.co.uk


All models launched at the same time from their own designated spot. The model will then climb out to the preset limits.


The aim is to stay in the air for as long as possible, the winner being the last one down. Each pilot has his own designated spot for landing and lands within a 5m radius from that spot.


The last model to land scores 9 points, 2nd to last 7 points, 3rd to last 5 points, 4th to last 4 points, 5th to last 3 points, 6th to last 2 points, 7th to last 1 point.

A landing bonus of 1 point is given for landing within the 5m radius of the landing spot.

We aim to run 6 rounds in an evening.

In the event of catching a thermal with flights lasting more than 10 minutes, we would call a landing for a designated time span.