Fun Fly


A multi-task competition for any model with undercarriage, able to perform basic aerobatics.

Take-off from the strip, fly a circuit and then perform three loops in front of the pilot.  Fly another circuit and then perform three rolls in front of the pilot.  Fly a third circuit, climb and perform three spins in front of the pilot.  Fly a fourth circuit, ending in a low pass over a designated spot, fly for a further 30 seconds minimum and then land.  The loops, rolls and spins need not be consecutive. 

The whole flight will be against the clock.  On the 30 second landing circuit, anyone landing early will be given the full 30 seconds plus a penalty of the difference between their landing time and the 30 seconds, e.g. land in 20 seconds, score 30+10, i.e. 40.

The winner will be the pilot who completes in the shortest time.  We will aim to complete three rounds each in an evening.  I have test flown this schedule and it can be completed easily within approx. 2 minutes.  As this is a new competition, we may find we want to make minor adjustments.